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Character Profile Template Empty Character Profile Template

Post by Nightmare on Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:07 am

In order to allow yourself and others to be able to find all of your Character's information, please use the template and post as a New Topic with your characters name as the title:


[Character Name’s Profile]
[Character Image]
[Character Motto]

[size=18][b]The Basics:[/b][/size]
Character Application: (Link)
Character Stats: (Link)
Character Age:
Character Tier:
Character Level:
Specializations: (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)


[b]Tier D:[/b]
(Links in spoilers)

[b]Tier C:[/b]
(Links in spoilers)

[b]Tier B:[/b]
(Links in spoilers)

[b]Tier A:[/b]
(Links in spoilers)

[b]Tier S:[/b]
(Links in spoilers)

[b]Tier X:[/b]
(Links in spoilers)

Approved Equipment: (Links in spoiler)
Approved Pets or Companions: (If any, Link)
Equipment In Storage: (Links in spoiler)
Equipment on-hand: (Links in spoiler)

Completed Socials: (Links in spoiler)
Completed Missions/Combat: (Links in spoiler)
In Progress: (Links)

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