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Christine Badeaux (Lamina Night) ReXwXSN

The Basics:
Character Name: Christiné Badéaux
Character Alias: Lamina Night
Character Race: Human
Character Age: 16
Character Gender: Female
Character Family: N/A
Character Faction: The Temple
Character Magic: [Innate] Destruction

The Finer Details:
Christine had originally been a rather energetic and admittedly spoiled girl that seemed to get practically anything she asked for if it were reasonable and as such had grown accustomed to a rather comfortable standard of living before she came into possession of The Temple. After several months of servitude and abuse, she became a timid girl who was very careful about speaking up in front of others and did her best to keep her higher ups pleased in whatever way she could, accepting her routine punishments as simply a sort of divine punishment due to the clerics of the Temple having conditioned the young girl into their religion and having made her believe that she deserved all these sorts of horrific abuses.

She slowly began to recover, however, after being purchased and freed from the general slavery that those with no individuals willing to purchase them endured. She was treated kindly and much like a spouse by the lovely personal guard of the Baroness who had purchased her and in return Christine had begun to exhibit a much more cheerful and positive demeanor that remained with her even upon joining the Temple's military as a lowly squire who had little in the way of fighting experience or training.

As of the present day, Christine or Lamina as she has begun to call herself can be described as a woman with a warm smile who is devoted to the Temple's religion although in a less self-hating light than before and furthermore as a woman who is loyal to those who show kindness to her - to the point where she will risk her life readily for those she calls 'ally'. She still is a very timid girl and is unlikely to speak out of turn, but she has slowly begun to repair her broken spirit in such a way that makes the woman seem absolutely vibrant when she truly smiles and truly sympathetic when she frowns.

However, she does have her weak points and can also be described as someone who is rather naive due to her slave upbringing and would be rather easily tricked if she did not have anyone to consult with. Furthermore, she is unsure of how to develop a relationship with anyone other than in the simple and primal ways she was taught and as a result has a poor time in making or keeping friends.

Another weak point of Lamina's is that she can be rather stubborn when it comes to something she believes in, or if she believes something as being the result of the Divine and as a result can place herself in rather precarious situations by simply not knowing when to back down or walk away in some instances.

Christine was born a member of a somewhat affluent family and had, during her early youth, had her needs and wants taken care of as best as they were able to be by her family after immigrating to Aseutora. However, not too long after they had immigrated to Aseutora, the family found themselves in the direct path of the Temple's first Crusade against the other nations and as a result, had their home captured and the family found themselves being brought to Aurum as prisoners of the war and subsequently made into slaves of The Temple.

Due to her young age at the time of only twelve years, Christine was rather easily molded by the Temple's clergy and made to believe that what had happened to her and her family was just and that it was all part of some sort of grand plan of the Spirits to guide the young child towards greatness. Even while being abused as a slave of the Temple and used to the whims of its military she found herself thinking that this was simply supposed to be and that she deserved all of the punishments she received as they would be guiding her onto her path just as the clergy had told her before.

After serving as a slave for a full year publicly, Christine was purchased by a wealthy knight who served as a personal guard to the Baroness Of Aurum whom she trained under and was convinced by to join the Temple's military despite being a slave still and found herself serving under a veteran of its ranks in which she found a friend and mentor. It was thanks to this new mentor furthermore that she found her latent Innate magic buried within her along with her prowess with a blade - although she was far from perfect.

Today, she continues to train alongside her mentor and still holds strong religious beliefs due to her early teachings. She wishes to one day serve alongside her current owner as a personal guard to the Baroness, or perhaps even become a noble herself someday and be free from the restrictions that her slavery brings: although she is unsure of what she would do with freedom if she had it.


Christine Badeaux (Lamina Night) RZIROqX

* The Temple and its religion.

* Selfless individuals and those who give to charity.

* Being a part of something bigger than herself.

* Having a purpose in life.

* Enemies of The Temple.

* Bandits and other law-breakers.

* Betrayers and liars.

Out Of Character Additions:
Face-Claim: Saber Lily - Fate Series
Alternate Character: Yes [Nightmare]

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