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Area Creation Event! Empty Area Creation Event!

Post by Nightmare on Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:50 am

Due to the fact we are still brand new in both our full concept and the site itself, we are in need of individuals willing to make new Roleplay Areas for players to use and to flesh out the world:

Reply to this thread with an idea for an area in the following format to submit it and staff will review and add those that are up to the site standards to their respective areas - Those who design the best areas and contribute the most to fleshing out the site will be rewarded!


Area Location: (The Great Desert, The Temple Territories, The Frost Lands, Etc - Note that it may also be made in Uncharted or Unclaimed territories if you so desire)
Area Population: (How many people inside of this area? What races are most dominant if any?)
Area Culture: (What type of culture does this area have? Is it a group of farmers? Miners? Soldiers? Or something completely different?)
Area History: (What kind of history does this area have? Go into as much detail as you want - just try to keep the general theme of the site in mind!)
Owner: (Who controls/owns this area? Is it a nation? a person? feel free to elaborate)

Your Main Account: (If you have made multiple accounts, which account is your main?)
Notes: (Anything that didn't fit in the other areas you would like to add? Do so here)

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