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Post by Melony on Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:09 pm

Marianne WIP C481ae78b6f7200bdb524ccb436b965a--final-fantasy-anime-fantasy
The Basics:

Character Name: Marianne
Character Alias: Rogue
Character Race: Human
Character Age: 23
Character Gender: Girl
Character Family: -
Character Faction: her own
Character Homeland: Unknown
Character Magic: Binding(Innate)

[center]The Finer Details:
Personality: Marianne has two sides to her. The first side is the one that surprisingly would be seen by most people, and is her mask. Most usually involves outsiders to her group and clients. That being her hard and stoic demeanor. She's cold, calculating, and will strike you down in an instant if she suspects threat. Well, that's how it feels to be around her, though more times than not her first reaction is to retreat. She prefers subtlety over directness when she is like this, wanting to get as much information as possible while at the same time giving as little as possible.

However, that's just one of two. To all her recruits, new or old, she's just Mari. She's bubbly, happy, and all around a good influence for those in her group. She'll play with the young ones, and joke with the older ones. While she can be intimidating to them if she needs to be, she absolutely LOATHES it. She prefers to be seen as a fun big sister, or a caring mom than a stern and cold leader.

That being said, it doesn't mean she's dumb. Marianne has a mind for tactics and deception, having lived as an urchin for as long as she has. As well, while all around a nice person, and encourages it among her group, she knows what her profession is; thievery and assassination. So she trains her people for just that; and while she encourages helping whoever you can(for a price, of course) she also teaches them that there is a pecking order for priority.

the members of the group
anyone else

History: (Optional, but recommended if you want to flesh out your character - Please write at least two-hundred words if you decide to add this to your app)
Appearance: The only image I have is the one above

Dislikes: (Three or more bullet points, or alternatively a two-hundred-word description)

Out Of Character Additions:
Face-Claim: (Where is the appearance of your character from? Please format as: "Character Name - Series Name.")
Alternate Character: (Answer: "Yes" or "No" and which account is your main account if applicable)


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