The Races of Aseutora.

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The Races of Aseutora. Empty The Races of Aseutora.

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Pure Human:
Pure Human:
Being the most common of all races, Humans have the luxury of being nearly universally understood as well as having a major part in the control and ruling of Aseutora's majority: Humans are typically not seen as outsiders to one another or others, and furthermore suffer fewer hardships than their other racial counterparts such as Half-Humans or Demons both of which are considered (for the most part) as unwelcome in a good number of Human settlements.

Adult Humans typically grow between five and six feet tall, although can be taller or shorter depending on certain genetic factors. Their appearances mostly differ with their skin tones, eye colors, hair colors, and build all of which can be affected by genetics at birth and give each Human a distinct look in some way or another.

Adrenaline: Humans as a species are perhaps not as remarkable as other races in stature or in raw power, but they are understandably respected by other races for their extraordinary resilience and strength during life or death situations. A combination of willpower and biology, the adrenaline coursing through a Human when in distress allows them to perform extraordinary feats during extraordinary times:
(When below 25% of maximum Life, all Humans abilities are increased in effectiveness by one tier: D Tier abilities become C Tier, B becomes A, although X Tier abilities cannot be obtained this way)

Half-Humans or Half-Breeds (The latter being a typically derogatory term) is a general term for a broad array of individuals who are part Human and part of another race such as Demons, Beasts, or even Divines in rare cases. These individuals, depending on how apparent their heritage is will typically suffer from discrimination by Pure Humans due to their differences from their "Pure" counterparts both physically and culturally. They also have their own unique advantages and disadvantages that are as broad as their appearances and manifest in ways typically unique to the individual.

In their appearances, Half-Humans - as mentioned - often differ widely depending upon what they are a mix of, although one is safe to assume that they will exhibit at least one distinct characteristic that defines them as not being wholly Human, this can be as simple as unique eyes or up to and including entirely different bodies: Like those of Lamias, Arachne, or even Chimeras to an extent.

Culturally, they also have a diverse range of beliefs, homelands, languages as well as mentalities that lead them all to further separate themselves from other Half-Humans that do not share their own mix of races, although they may in some cases coexist with their "Pure" counterparts, with the larger and more imposing races serving in special military units or the more nature-attuned races such as Kitsunes and the like serving as guides through the wilderness or hunters.

It is important to note that as mentioned before, one does not need to be a perfect 'half-human' to quantify as one; Half-Humans can range from only identifying as a Human all the way to almost being purely Human and can be anything in between.

(May be given a single custom ability OR Stat bonus of up to +10 in a single stat and will be judged upon creation by your grader)

Underworlder (Demon):
Demons (or Underworlders as they are referred to as by Pure Humans and other beings of the surface realm) are a race whose history is disputed between many and known truly by very few. They do not visit the surface world often due to the heavy persecution and stigmas against them as a result of the ‘Darkness’, an entity that has resulted in painting their race in a bad light to many Pure and even Half-Humans.

The most distinctive features of Demons in Aseutora are their red eyes (a trait which they share with half-demons and creatures of Darkness) along with their small bat-like wings upon many of their kind’s backs usually coupled with a spade-like tail, although these features do not necessarily distinguish one Demon from another or show their power at a glance, they are merely things which show on certain Demons and not others.

Their complexion ranges from paler than ordinary humans to a darker skin-tone depending on where they were born in their own realm, with paler Demons being born in the capital and Darker Skinned Demons being born on the outskirts of the realm where there is only a blood red moon that serves as light.
Culturally, Demons have lived under a monarchy within their own realm for several centuries and as such are well-accustomed to the idea of nobility and elitism, with certain Demons being treated more highly than others simply because of their eye color or birthright. The reason for this is due to a long-held belief that a Demon will gain red eyes once they appease the entity known as "Darkness" typically by committing an act of evil such as Murder, with Demons that do not have red eyes being judged as "weak" or "cowardly" by some of their counterparts as a result. The other half of their self-segregation being a result of the "Royal Family" which rules the Demon Realm of Enoth and those who are chosen to be their heirs being treated much higher than non-royal Demons.

It is also important to mention that although many Demons venture to the surface world at one point in their lives, some Demons are also born with a rare condition that causes a sickness when in contact with the scent of Humans and as such these Demons are not capable of visiting the Surface without specially made masks that filter the Human scent - though as mentioned, the disease is rare.

(Demon Bonus Idea:
Demon Blood:
Due to their dark nature, along with their association with Darkness, Demons are granted a number of things which differenciate them from their Human Counterparts.

- In any Darkness, unnatural or natural, Demons can see clearly within thirty feet no matter their location so long as their eyes are not physically obstructed.

- Demons all speak a unique language known as "Elder Tongue" or "Demonic", which only Humans belonging to the Alcina family can understand due to their Mind Magic abilities.

- When below 25% of their maximum Life, they are capable of undergoing a transformation which differs upon the demon and their current needs, but cannot exceed more than two feet height difference than their ordinary forms and retaining similar body proportions.

This form can have longer wings, horns, or even physical mutations such as goat legs or even Arachne legs, however, any physical mutations cannot contain poison, acid, or anything that they would be incapable of producing normally.

While in this form, Demons receive a bonus of ten percent to one stat field excluding Life and all abilities are granted a single tier higher in efficiency up to A Tier.

This form can only last for a maximum of five posts and will be dispelled upon reaching or exceeding 25% of their maximum Life or higher, and can only occur once per thread)

The Elves are a solitary race who are advanced in the ways of magic, often utilizing the many styles of magic in tandem with a spear or a long sword in an elegant dance of beautiful death. The Elves have a varied way of living from region to region, some living in polished marble castes, others living comfortably in the company of the forest, but Elves have an intellectual and solitary nature, often choosing to stay with their own kind and out of the affairs of others.

Common traits of Elves are pure eyes, an accentuated height and of course, long pointed ears.

(The ability to copy one spell of their magic type per thread. They can use the spell throughout the thread but are no longer able to use it after the thread ends. They must meet any pre-requisites that the spell has, such as needing the proper level, or having Innate/Catalyst type magic)

Dwarves are the strong enduring children of the Earth, strong of arm and strong of soul they often have a stubborn nature offset by their jovial demeanor and welcoming nature when it comes to visitors. Dwarves are often Miners and Warriors, making their living through the distribution of Ore and their ability to smelt it into the finest quality of steel and iron available.
Dwarves and their Elven cousins have a rivalry that spans generations, sometimes turning into outright animosity between the races, but this can vary from person to person.

Dwarves are stout, strong people, one of the shortest races on Aseutora, they are also some of the most physically active, making them a formidable force.

(Dwarves: A high level of physical endurance. Upon falling to 25% HP in combat, they begin to tank spells and abilities as if they were a tier lower than what they were. A-Tier C would be treated like a Tier D in terms of power.)

Any being who does not fit within the above-mentioned races, or cannot be accurately defined as such are classified as "Outsiders" and can be anything from large beasts of ancient origins such as Dragons or even some mythical creatures such as Phoenixes or the like. These individuals typically receive a disdain even from Half-Humans due to their unusual appearances and have no designated homelands to call their own most often - either hailing from across the seas or simply existing as wandering nomads due to their outsider nature.

(May be given a single custom ability OR Stat bonus of up to +10 in a single stat and will be judged upon creation by your grader)

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