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Within the land of Aseutora, despite the rarity of magic as a whole, there are many different types of Magic within the world and among those many types, there are those that are considered to be ancient and rare types of magic that are sought across the lands for either their raw power or simply their prestige.

These rare types of magic are often found within a singular bloodline known as a Magic Family with each residing in their own corner of the world and each bearing their own sigils, beliefs, and power.


Rare Magic Families DJqnz9b
Family Name: Azrael
Family Magic: [Innate] Blood Magic.
Family Location: The Frost Lands
Family Motto: "Victoria Per Sanguinem" - “Victory Through Blood.”
Family Hierarchy: War Chiefs - The three strongest warriors of the family decide what rules are to be enforced and how they may be freely challenged and replaced at any time although typically must be killed while doing so in order to be considered rightfully bested.

Family Summary:
The main focus of this family is upon utilizing their own (or other's) blood in combat to devastating effectiveness, either by creating equipment with said blood or simply ripping the blood from a target's body. Many members of this family become great warriors of the various natures (typically whichever pays the highest price) and prefer professions in which they can work with or around blood such as butchers or the like.

Family History:
The Azrael family is considered to be one of the oldest families of Aseutora, so much so in fact that they trace their lineage to far before the land became settled by the major factions currently residing upon it and had been around during the times in which the mysterious Elder Beasts roamed freely among the land.

Despite the length of time which they have inhabited the lands, relatively little is known about how involved they have been in the shaping of the continent due to their rather strict secrecy as well as their distaste for anyone outside of their family bloodline, making them a powerful yet largely mysterious family in terms of their history.

However, due to many of their family not marrying, or their offspring simply not having the potential for their abilities - this family has found itself dwindling  in number as of the last few years and as such their art is becoming rarer and rarer and likewise making it more appealing to have one of the remaining capable members as a warrior or as a spouse for the status the name brings if nothing else.

Family Culture/Mannerisms:
Due to their long lineage, the Azrael family is full of proud individuals who see themselves in a much higher regard than most others they encounter and more often than not will scorn families that they consider 'weaker' or 'inferior' due to either their Magic Type or the age of their family, thus making them equally disliked in family politics.

However, despite their questionable beliefs in politics, they are revered the land over as extraordinary warriors thanks to their Blood Magic and any member of their family is quickly bombarded by requests to join the various military groups of the land once they reach an age where they can fight effectively. Although members of the Azrael family typically reserve their fighting prowess for their fellow family members or for those they consider close friends - it is not unheard of for a single family member to join a faction for a time and change the entire course of a campaign with their abilities.

Furthermore, many members of this family are taught from an early age to harness and practice their abilities freely rather than in secret as many others would - making them masters of their craft at a much younger age than many others and less afraid of public opinion on their abilities or their implication as others may be. Most members of the family are also raised to be strong fighters who see anyone who stands in their way as an enemy and nothing else, resulting in a reputation for being brutal in battle as well.

Rare Magic Families Xk3UwEt
Family Name: Alcina
Family Magic: [Innate] Mind Magic
Family Location: The Great Desert
Family Motto: “Mentis Oculum Observa.” - “Mind’s Eye.”
Family Hierarchy: Four “Sages” that are the most well-educated members of the family, typically older in years and may be replaced either upon their death or resignation. They are appointed through general consensus of the family and thus a new “Sage” must be fairly popular with the other members in order to become a leader.

Family Summary: This family’s main focus is upon outwitting an opponent either through combat or speech. Members of this family also typically prefer professions which utilize their natural abilities such as court mages, oracles, or any range of things so long as it involves the thorough use of one’s mind.

This family also has a distinctive appearance which their eyes take on while their abilities are being utilized, manifesting as a swirling orange pupil which extends out to the top and bottom of the eye such as shown in their sigil. This unique trait, however, does make hiding when they are attempting to utilize their abilities difficult and thus they must plan accordingly if they wish to avoid their opponent catching on to their abilities.

Family History:
Although they are not as old as some other families upon the continent, the Alcina are known widely due to their powers deriving from making a pact with an entity whom is only known throughout the lands as “The Darkness” which is rumored to also be responsible for the birth of Demons long ago. This pact that the original Alcina made was thus: They would allow all members of their family to be connected to the entity and occasionally follow its commands, and in exchange they would be granted the power to see into the minds of others or even manipulate them in some cases - giving them the ability to manipulate those they came across and furthering themselves in the world as a result.

To this day, those born to the Alcina bloodline can still feel themselves connected to the entity and can hear its voice on occasion within their own minds - driving some to insanity, while others seek out missionaries or other religious figures in order to help purge the entity from their bodies, although this is not always successful and sometimes only makes the entity furious with the one who attempted to remove it from themselves.

Family Culture:
Alcina culture revolves heavily around studying the various arts of magic across the lands and documenting them in order to learn their weaknesses and advantages, some also enjoy traveling to foreign lands and installing themselves in positions of powers through use of their manipulative techniques; Although this does not always work out as they intended.

Many members of this family enjoy all forms of the arts, and often become artists themselves in order to preserve their own sanity and to express what it is that they see in their ‘Mind’s Eye’ upon parchment or canvas.

It is also worth noting that although some members of the family abuse their gift and attempt to gain power from it, others are willing to use their gift for the sake of ‘Good’ despite their dark past with quite a few becoming Oracles who see visions of the future and warn those in danger before the event is to happen - allowing them to thwart the danger presented to them.

Rare Magic Families RTDfYo8
Family Name: Amato
Family Magic: [Innate] Spirit Magic
Family Location: The Western Peninsula
Family Motto: “Harmonia Per Mortem” - “Harmony Through Death.”
Family Hierarchy: None, they believe that all members of the family are equal to one another, although this is not to stop some from having more influence than others upon the world or even other members of the family.

Family Summary:
Most members of the Amato family tend to stray from involving themselves in wars or battles of the many nations within Aseutora, although they will fiercely defend places in which the spirits of the deceased reside or anywhere that innocent lives may be at risk.

When they do involve themselves in a fight, they utilize the spirits lingering in the air around them to empower themselves with energy and grant themselves an extraordinary stamina and power for a brief amount of time. They may also utilize spirits of the deceased to attack their opponent directly depending upon their skill and ability at commanding the deceased spirits.

Family History:
The Amato trace their lineage from the far island of Pax unlike most other families of Aseutora, although currently the majority of their members now reside within the Peninsula to the west of Aseutora due to wanting to spread their beliefs and peace among the continent while a few select members remain behind on their old home in order to keep their ways alive and fresh within the minds of their followers.

Being generally pacifist in most situations, they do not have any long-running or known feuds against other families and most others respect members of their bloodline due to their often well-intentioned nature and their ability to commune and help put the deceased at peace.

However, it is important to note that the Azrael see them as weak due to their neutrality and the Dominus believe that their talents are wasted on those who are not ‘Divine’ by their definition. Despite this, members of the Amato family continue to help the spirits of the deceased from all lands and families and to this day many of its members wander the continent in search of those who need their aid.

Family Culture:
The Amato family culture is focused upon good works, with both young and old members of the family often undertaking pilgrimages alongside Missionaries or by themselves in order to seek out restless spirits and put them at peace. They also strongly value those with a gift in the art of healing and respect all those who dedicate themselves to helping others, rather than attacking them.

Due to their non-violent nature along with their focus on good deeds: There is no central ‘leader’ of the Family and all matters are brought to the attention of others at a large meeting or ‘tribunal’ held at every second full moon within a large temple dedicated to the dead within the large forests surrounding Aurum. Attendance is not required, although it is highly encouraged if one wishes to air their grievances or help others with their own.

Members of the Amato family are also highly encouraged to become an apprentice of a highly knowledgeable mage and has thus lead to a natural mutual alliance with the Alcina family who in return are allowed a seance with the deceased alongside their tutored Amato.

Rare Magic Families ChWXM2c
Family Name: Dominicus
Family Magic:  [Innate] Soul Magic
Family Location: The Southern Marshes
Family Motto: “Divinitatem Ambulantum.” - “Walking Divinity.”

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