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Post by Nightmare on Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:32 am

Here on Enchanted Tales, alongside a tier system used to gauge the over-all ability of a character there is also a stat system used in order to determine the precise strength of a character in multiple areas during combat:

Physical Power: Your ability with raw physical power that determines the amount of damage you are capable of dealing with your body or physical weapons.

Magical Power: Your ability with latent or projected magical energies that determines the amount of damage you are capable of dealing with magic or magical weapons.

Speed: Your physical speed which determines how quickly you are able to draw a weapon, attack, or just move in general.

Life: The amount of life within your body determines how much pain you can endure after an attack passes your armor, also grants access to survivability tree perks.

Willpower: Determines your ability to resist stuns, abilities that affect the mind, as well as how long you can function on an injured body.

Stamina: Determines your ability to perform actions for long periods of time, as well as how easily magic abilities wear out your body.

Armor: Not a stat that can be added to directly, this is determined by special abilities, traits, or any armor that you might be wearing. It affects how much damage you can absorb before your Life is threatened.

You get 25 points to distribute upon registering and will gain further points during your adventures in accordance with the leveling system.


[b]Physical Power:[/b]
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