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By my claws ChqhdRV
The silence was what she grew to enjoy the most about her journey. No hushed whispers as she passed through her own home, barking orders of her father, and most importantly, no longer tied to her duties to her clan. It was as if an enormous burden was relieved from her shoulders and god did she enjoy every moment of her freedom from it all. Freedom comes with a price, however. Juno was treated like a princess; always surrounded by her tutors and guards, there was never a moment when she was truly alone. Up until now. The large red wolf slowly stretched her long limb over a log that had stood in her way. Large talons flexed then sunk into the earth when she finally passed over, Juno’s orange hues flicked to each side as she watched the area silently.

“How much longer must one continue their journey before meeting another wolf?” The wolf grumbled to herself as she moved forward. It was weeks since she last made contact with another of her species. Although the interaction was the moment she made her escape, it did not stop her from longing for some form of interaction. A deep sigh escaped her lips then her nostrils flared when she inhaled the air deeply. She searched for a game. Long black muzzle dipped to the ground, nose hovering just centimeters above it. Sometime passed through the area just before the Red Mistress came through. Her head regained its posture, returning her gaze forward to continue her steps. It was near. The fat doe that stumbled by was bleeding from her leg, only to leave behind a trail of blood behind for the wolf.

A wicked grin slowly spread across her muzzle. “Saints have been kind to me today. For this, I shall be grateful.” The female whispered a quick prayer for her hunt before she stalked after her meal. Slowly Juno grew closer to her potential meal; wings fluttered gently against her side in anticipation of the hunt, the plums of her tail were stiff as they were dragged across the ground. She was ready to take flight if need be, but it would not be necessary if she plays her cards right. Orange hues dilated upon viewing the injured doe from between the shrubs. The doe hid from danger to heal. It was smart for the prey to do so, but the wind was on the Red Mistress’ side on this very day. Every fiber in her body screamed to leap in and sink her canines into the fat doe, but Juno would not allow herself to give in so easily to her hunger. She wanted to play a game.

When the wolf exhaled deeply, the air around the wolf and doe became still. All around them, the wind would carry itself around the trees that surrounded them, but no scent was carried with it. When doe did not notice, Juno make her move. The bitch prowled around the clueless creature, bird-like legs were quiet when moving Juno around the doe. She finally paused, positioning herself only a few feet away with her body coiled back like a rattle snake. Time was running out. She inhaled and exhaled once more to release the air from its hold to allow the scent of the wolf to fill the deer’s nostril. She grew worried and panicked as she stumbled to stand, but it was far too late for her to leave. Within seconds Juno pounced from her position, dragging her claws across the deer’s chest and her jaws clamping against its neck. The doe struggled to shake off the wolf, but Juno’s hold on it was far too firm, moments would only pass until the deer finally fell limp.

Tongue smacked the roof of her mouth, her canines dripped with saliva. Her stomach made itself more known from growling loudly, but she did not mind it at all. The food was right in front of her, and she would be a fool not to enjoy it before she was interrupted. The forest was full of life, a life she could take for herself without other wolves fighting for it. Juno lowered her head to begin consuming her meal.

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