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It is now two-hundred years since the colonization of Aseutora and the many nations who inhabit it have firmly established borders of their own along with having even pushed back the ancient Elder Beasts who once roamed the land back into the far corner of the continent where they remain hidden to this day. Both on the battlefield and in lavish meeting rooms wars are being fought to determine which nations prosper and which miss their opportunity at greatness and power. However, these wars of politics and battles between nations are not all that has been becoming more and more prevalent: Demons have recently begun surfacing themselves upon the continent and along with them have come whispers of a mysterious 'Darkness' that supposedly gives them their unique abilities and appearance, and also whispers that this mysterious entity seeks to kill the Humans that have taken control of the continent and replace them with these Demons and as a result as sown distrust between the two races.

Although one may believe that such whispers are merely fearful rumors, the last year has come with a rather large influence of mysterious deaths and disappearances coinciding with sightings of dark creatures that lurk within the shadows in each land and as a result has led many to believe that dark forces are beginning to work their way throughout the lands.

It is your choice whether to side against or with this mysterious entity: Are you willing to let Darkness take over the lands? Will you exploit the fearful nations for your own gain? Or perhaps create your own nation in this time of turmoil? This is your story, you get to shape how you go about changing this world and the people within it: Are you ready?


The Temple and its Territories:

The Temple Territories are a large group of settled, bought and conquered lands which form the nation known collectively as The Temple and consist mainly of forested areas and plains within its center, with more rocky terrain to the northern borders beside The Frost Lands and barren earth to the eastern borders near The Great Desert and swamplands to the southern edges, with other various terrains and lands within its orders unique to one another in their own ways.

To the southwest, two Temple controlled islands are located and each hold sprawling castles and lands belonging to the highest ranking of nobles within the Temple, one of which rumored to include the largely unseen Ruler of the nation who has left his few heirs in charge of the various major cities, with a daughter known as Aurelia controlling their Capital.

The climate, in most Temple controlled lands, is rather average with no extreme variations one way or another although the climates from the neighboring nations can be felt when nearing any of their borders or traveling through the walls.

The Temple is considered to be fairly wealthy due to their large amount of land combined with their trade routes with other nations and as a result, have a well-fitted military and some more exotic technologies than less plentiful lands such as muskets for their highest ranking officers and elegant attire and lavish homes for their nobility - as well as being able to properly feed the hundreds of thousands of citizens and the many slaves who inhabit the nation.

Culturally, The Temple has a strong belief in "Divine Right" and many of its citizens are introduced to their religion through the Clergy who are given a sort of nobility status within the nation: Each member being given their own abodes and a salary in order to preach to the citizens and troops, along with being let off fairly easy when caught violating the law or abusing their authorities and as a result can be either the kindest of individuals, or the cruelest depending upon whom one encounters.

Furthermore, the Temple has a strong belief in Duty and many citizens are encouraged to volunteer within the military or clergy for a period of at least four years in order to strengthen the nationalism within its citizens. Although the lower enlisted ranks are mainly made up of captured and enslaved individuals who are involuntarily made to serve for a ten year period as opposed to a volunteer's four. Although, these slaves may be purchased by nobility or officers for domestic use or alternatively bought and freed to become a citizen or leave the nation should an individual have enough gold to do so.


The Iron Valley:

The Iron Valley is a nation shrouded in mystery. The only thing the majority of outsiders know about it is its most obvious aspect, the large iron walls that surround the land and touch the sky. There never appears to be a discernable way inside, though leaving The Iron Valley is believably possible, evident by the outsiders that visit and reside within the other nations. Most of everything else that is believed about the nation are logical assumptions. The fact that no trade roads lead to The Iron Valley, nor are any caravans of wagons associated with it, leading most to think that the nation is self-sustaining. There are some that theorize The Iron Valley is simply a monument, its walls hiding an ancient, lost civilization. However, its walls being kept in refined condition would imply that there are kept in such a form by people, most likely those that they hide.

A majority of outsiders claiming to come from The Iron Valley appear to be elven and dwarfish, though when pressed about knowledge of their land of origin, they typically become defensive in some shape or form, avoiding giving away what exactly is beyond the great walls of their homeland. Some brush it off as a simple coincidence, but many of those that are of a magical nature that were born behind the great, iron walls have control of conjuration magic in some form. Be it innate or through natural means. Those who aren’t commonly are proficient with metal working.

The Great Desert:

The Great Desert is aptly named, as the topography of the area mainly consists of vast open swaths of desert sand with the occasional village or structure dotting the massive landscape. However, despite the initial empty appearance of the land, it is home to a bustling trade route as well as being a sanctuary of sorts for Half-Humans who do not wish to live within the Beast Lands secluded from their Human counterparts. Among these many cities is one named "Oasis" which serves as protection from the harsh temperatures and sandstorms of the Desert due to being built beneath the desert oasis within the nation and serving as the capital of sorts for the nation and its group of "Protectors" who serve as its leaders.

Culturally, The Great Desert or simply The Desert for short is a democratic nation which elects five "Protectors" from the various villages each of whom then being tasked with serving as the leader for a major city and one of these five being titled "The Desert Guardian" and tasked with leading the Capital fairly and justly.

Citizens of The Desert perhaps strive for acceptance most of all and as a result are quite welcoming and accommodating to outsiders who are essentially allowed anything except for murder from many of the citizens if they so asked for it. However, the major cities try to be somewhat more strict as to what is and isn't allowed to be asked of its citizens, city guards keeping a close eye on visitors and ensuring that they do not take advantage of the hospitality offered by them in any way.

Life as a citizen of The Desert mainly revolves around sharing responsibilities of the village they reside in with their fellow citizens, each fairly sharing what they harvest or hunt with their neighbors and being encouraged to travel the lands in search of ancient lost treasures or into becoming traders and craftsmen in order to sustain the wealth of the nation.

-The Frost Lands

The Frost Lands are dominated by humans in population. Humans have assembled to make hundreds of small tribes throughout the frozen tundra of the Frost Lands, most containing very little members. Every member of these tribes are taught the ethics that have been passed down to them since their ancestors had settled, with very few disobeying their teachings. The strong majority of humans in almost every tribe are led to believe that the Human race are the strongest, and will outlive the other, lesser beings such as Elves, Dwarves, Half-beings and Demons. The few people that do not agree with the teachings are quickly cast into exile, to be lost to the frozen wasteland. The tribes that try to change their ways end up being isolated, finding out quickly that none of the other tribes are willing to trade or aid them after their betrayal. While rare, Humans born with magical gifts are worshiped as Deities and Messiah here to lead them to victory and burn down the enemies of humanity.

Separated from the tribes, on the border of the Frost Lands lies a great city named Helgafjall. It’s inhabitants are mostly human, mixed in with Elves and Dwarves. There is a minority of humans who had been exiled from the tribes and had managed to find their way here, only to wind up being isolated from a majority of the city in disgust of their heritage.

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