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Post by Nightmare on Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:11 am

Blood Magic: A powerful type of Innate magic which utilizes either the user's own blood or a target's in order for the user to cast their abilities. Utilizing their own blood, users can be capable of things such as creating weapons from their blood, or briefly shielding themselves from an attack, although each use of Blood Magic abilities drains not only the user's Mana but their life as well. Manipulating the blood of another individual is also possible, but is an advanced type of ability that requires an extraordinary amount of mana and skill to use.

- Versatile: From swords to shields, any nearly any weapon that one can imagine, Blood Magic offers a very broad array of skills and potential uses.
- Blood Strength: All equipment created via Blood Magic has stats equal to the Caster's "Life" stat, divided among all pieces of equipment that the user has made and can be returned to the user's blood-stream so long as they are not destroyed. I.E, A user with 50 Life can create a sword with twenty-five Strength and a Shield with Twenty-Five Defense.
- Neutral Element: Due to utilizing blood, all equipment created and abilities used are treated as having a "Neutral" or "No-Element" attribute, making them immune to elemental weaknesses.
- Anemia: Due to drawing from their own blood, the user is weakened for every ability or piece of equipment destroyed based on tier, reducing their life by the following amounts: 5 for F, 10 for D, 15 for C, 20 for B, 30 for A, 60 for S, 120 for X.
- Hemophilia: Due to the nature of their blood as a result of their magic type, users of Blood-Magic suffer from an inability to have large or internal wounds clot naturally, meaning that whenever they take physical damage from an ability, they suffer a tier higher damage than other individuals normally would. This only applies to physical abilities that hit the user.
- Short-Range: Since this type of magic requires the user to draw their own blood, users of this school of magic must fight enemies head-on and cannot do so from range with their abilities - making them ineffective as Rangers or bowmen and also meaning that they must place themselves in more danger when encountering enemies rather than being able to fight from a safe distance.


Soul Magic: Considered by much of the general populace to be a rather taboo type of magic, along with holding power unmatched by many other types of magic, Soul Magic is has both Innate and Catalyst variants that each serve their own purpose and revolve around the manipulation of the souls of other individuals along with altering their own souls in rare instances.

Innate Soul Magic is extraordinarily rare among non-divines and is typically only gained by ordinary individuals as a result of being born from a Divine and a member of their own race. Holders of this type of Soul Magic are capable of interacting with the souls of the dead; Either by placing them in objects to prevent them being introduced into the afterlife or interacting with the souls of the living and allowing them to remove, alter,  or split the soul of a chosen individual with relative ease.

Catalyst Soul Magic is also exceedingly rare, but has more non-divine users than its counterpart: Typically those wielding Divine or Cursed weapons which have the ability to devour or remove souls from a living body. However, those with Catalyst type Soul Magic are not capable of manipulating Souls that have passed onto the Afterlife or those which are not inside of a physical object or body of some sort.
- Numbness: Due to this type of magic being linked to Souls, as well as having a hold upon the user's own; Holders of this type of magic have a strong resistance to Mind type magic, suffering damage from Mind type magic one rank less than they normally would - counted before any additional resistances: I.E an S Rank would deal A Rank damage, an A Rank would deal B Rank damage and so forth.
- Devour: Users of Soul Type magic can 'Devour' the soul of any individual they defeat, granting them bonus Mana and Life equal to the following amounts: 10 for F Tier, 15 for D Tier, 20 for C Tier, 25 for B Tier, 30 for A Tier, 35 for S Tier, 40 for X Tier. Note that the defeated individual in question must not be more than one tier below the user themselves in order to gain full benefits, otherwise they will only gain half of the normal amount.

- Anaphia: As a result of the numbness Soul Magic users experience due to the Magic Type's unique altering of the user's own soul, those with this type of magic are unable to feel physical touch or pain no matter how large their wounds and as a result can end up pushing their bodies past their limit or continuing on an injured limb, making them heavily advised against battling others in close quarters.
- Soul Leeching: Another side-effect for those who utilize this type of magic that are not fully Divine is that if the user does not utilize their Devour at least once on another similarly ranked Player Character or NPC, they suffer a loss of twenty Life, Willpower, and Mana per thread until using Devour, per thread.

Conjuration Magic:
This type of magic can be either Catalyst or Innate and revolves around the creation and introduction of objects, such as weapons and armor, or individuals such as Creations into the physical world. This is a diverse type of magic and can be as unique as the individual utilizing it, however it has its own set of Strengths and Weaknesses that come with it.

- Creation: This type of magic allows for objects or sentient beings to be created by the user and brought into the physical realm with typically little trouble. These can range from things such as weapons and armor all the way up to and including the aforementioned sentient beings such as humanoids or animal companions.

- Whim: This type of magic has a higher versatility objectively than any other type of magic, allowing for a user to switch between offensive and defensive type spells upon command and allowing them to adapt to nearly any situation they come across provided that they have the Mana and ability to do so.

- Overextension: Although this type of magic has an extraordinary amount of versatility and the ability to be tailored to each User's individual needs,
creating objects or beings and implementing them into the physical world requires a great deal of Mana to maintain and each object or being created expands upon this toll further depending on the rank of what is introduced into the world. If the following costs per created object/being is not met, then said object or being will lose its physical form and if containing a soul of some sort, said soul will be set free into the world:

5 Mana for each F-Rank creation per post, 10 Mana for each D-Rank creation per post, 15 Mana for each C-Rank creation per post, 20 Mana for each B-Rank creation per post, 25 Mana for each A-Rank creation per post, 30 Mana for each S-Rank creation per post, 40 Mana for each X-Rank creation per post.

- Freedom Of Choice: Any created creatures, be they animal or humanoid in nature will be granted sentience once brought into the physical world, having a mind and free-will of their own. If a user wishes to create a companion that obeys them unquestioningly, they must do so by lowering their Willpower to be half that of the User's own - though this leaves them weakened against mental techniques.

Binding Magic: Magic that allows the user to restrict movement. Binding magic can be used to keep targets within a certain area in a variety of different ways such as limiting the amount of space they can move to or blocking them off into a specific area that they cannot leave. This makes allows for good close combat as it forces the opponent to sit in a specific area that the user is free to choose. Binding Magic will always have a set cooldown, a set amount of posts it can be maintained for along with a high mana cost to cast.

Limits movement of targets
Physically Durable form of magic
Requires no mana to maintain

Binding Magic alone does not make for a very good offense and therefore can leave it’s user lacking in combat ability.
Requires more mana to cast
Limited range: Binding Magic is often close ranged magic requiring physical contact with the target.


Destruction Magic: A powerful type of __ magic which calls upon the forces of Nature, the Elements, the Spirits, or Concepts of the Universe to be used offensively, while most Types of magic can be viewed as art or science, Destruction Magic is purely and solely a tool to be used in the destruction of your enemies. War Mages generally have a high ammount of Mana in order to effectively use their powerful wide-range spells, letting their martial prowess do the talking over their intellectual ability.

- Diversity: Destruction Magic is one of the few schools of Magecraft that not only draws power from all sources, but can draw power from the Concepts of the Universe, such as chemical compositions, explosions, the concept of “Space” or even simply “Boost.” in the name of blowing your enemies to smithereens.
- AOE: Destruction Magic is crafted solely for wide-spread destruction and routing armies, atop of the focus, how War Mages channel their magic is incredibly volatile, which leaves for a wide area of effect for all spells.

- Single focused: Destruction Magic  has no uses outside of combat, making outmaneuvering the powerful Wizard’s rather simple for those with a mind for tactics.
- Energy intensive: Destruction Magic is powerful, and that power comes at a high cost, adding an extra 5 points of mana expenditure to every rank of Spell.
- Friendly Fire: War Mages at low levels have a very hard time focusing their spells into anything requiring precision, making attacking allies and collateral damage incredibly likely no matter their starting point.

Elemental Magic:
Perhaps one of the most prevalent types of magic in the sense that it is well-known even among the non magic community due to its diverse nature as well as its prominence in writings and studies done by Scholars. Elemental magic ranges from the basic elements of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire to more advanced elements such as Light, Dark, and even Metal. However, a user of this type of magic may only have one Element available to them innately and others must be used through a catalyst.

It is also worth noting that the more advanced elements require not only more skill to utilize in a precise fashion but also an extensive amount of mana depending on what it is that the user is attempting to do.

Elemental Affinity: Due to having their element course through the Mana in their bodies, when entering combat against another user of the same element the user takes half damage from abilities equal to their character’s Tier or below, with abilities above their tier being reduced by ten percent.

Elemental Counter: Base elements, as well as some advanced elements suffer a penalty when clashing against what is considered to be their “Counter Element”, performing one tier less damage when doing so, with examples of these counters below:

Water > Fire/Earth
Earth > Fire/Lightning
Wind > Water/Fire
Fire > Metal/Ice
Lightning > Water/Earth


Healing Magic is considered one of the most pure and respected types of magic, lacking any truly offensive capabilities it is considered a ‘Saint’s Magic’ and most of its practitioners become sages or clerics due to being viewed as Holy in the eyes of the masses.

Despite the lack of offensive capabilities, those blessed with the gift of Healing have the ability to repair physical or even mental injuries upon others, or even themselves. Furthermore, they are able to accurately tell how severely an individual is injured at a glance and even see their life-force as an aura around their body at will, allowing them to tell just how seriously an individual needs help.

A somewhat more frowned upon, yet still quite useful ability that those with Healing may possess is the capability to revive the recently deceased (so long as their soul remains in their body) at higher levels.

Life-Sign Reading: At will, the user is able to see an aura around the body of another individual, allowing them to see how injured the person in question is via the color of their aura in varying shades of blue, with bright blue meaning healthy and the darkest blue meaning near death. They can only see auras of those within their direct line-of-sight.

Regeneration: Those with Healing are capable of repairing small wounds without needing to stop and rest to do so, equating to a regeneration of five Life per post so long as they have at least ten Mana in their current pool, once they drop below this amount the regeneration is halted.



Wild Magic:
“Wild” or “Druid” Magic is an ancient type of magic which revolves around one’s attunement with nature and its inhabitants. Users of this type of magic are most at-home within Forests, Mountains, or any type of area where they can be alone with the nature around them and meditate without interruption. These Wild Magic users furthermore do not often venture into the inhabited lands save for the occasional trading venture or to cross through to other areas.

However, these individuals do occasionally involve themselves with the affairs of more ‘civilized’ lands they often have help from the beings of nature which they have resided in for so long - making them a rather terrifying element on the battlefield when battles take place outside of the cities of the land.

Animal Companion: Upon creation, the character receives a free animal companion of their choice which starts at level 1 just as an ordinary character would and can be leveled up alongside the main character at a rate equal to 1/4th that of the main character.

Nature Affinity: Due to their deep attunement with nature, Wild Magic Type users are capable of flawlessly navigating any nature area and furthermore take one tier less damage from Earth or Nature based abilities. They can also communicate with any animal or half-human with their natural language.


Feral: A side-effect of their affinity for nature and most often lack of desire for human contact, Wild users cannot speak Common language upon their beginning and must either be taught or speak through signs or an interpreter. However, this does not apply to simple commands or speech.

Wildfire: Another side-effect of their affinity for nature and deep attachment with it, much like they suffer a tier less damage when dealing with Earth/Nature based abilities - Wild users suffer a tier higher damage when being hit with Fire based Abilities.


Spirit Magic:

Spirit magic, much like Healing magic is considered a deeply respected art and is highly regarded by the general populace although much rarer than Healing magic and residing with only one major family on the continent due to its immense decline of living users in recent years and lack of being passed down through bloodlines and the like.

This type of magic allows one to see, converse with and at times even harness the power of dead souls within the world and revolves around utilizing these dead souls for advantages in combat or outside of combat studying and speaking with them while attempting to find ways to put them to rest.

Sixth Sense: Those with Spirit Magic are capable of seeing and speaking with the dead at will, able to relay any information they obtain to others without consequence and furthermore can even see a silhouette of the spirit’s original body when speaking with them so that they can further determine who the soul once belonged to. They can only speak with or see those within their line of sight and furthermore cannot physically interact with these souls without abilities in play.

Dark Spirits: When facing against Dark users, or against entities made from Darkness, the user suffers a penalty of one tier higher damage against mental techniques due to the innately chaotic souls of those infected with Darkness and the intense mental trauma that comes as a result of being able to see and hear the infected souls.



Mind Magic is a powerful and ancient style of magic practiced by the Alcina family whom are the only living practitioners on the mainland of Aseutora and protect the secrets of their clan strictly. This type of magic is considered to be perhaps the most devious of styles as it revolves around the manipulation and deception of the mind of an opponent, possibly forcing them to surrender without so much as a single physical injury inflicted upon them.

Users of this magic are capable of creating illusions within a target’s mind both auditory and visual as well as enchanting their words to have a certain effect upon their target such as charming or intimidating them with greater success than they normally might.

Precognition: Utilizing the unique Mind’s Eye, a user is capable of predicting the next move of their opponent and thus gain an increase of ten finesse in melee combat.

Manipulation: The user is capable of convincing NPCs two tiers below them in situations where speech is involved, allowing them to cause an enemy to surrender or turn to their side for up to two posts. In the case of PCs, they can lower the Perception of those with less than half of their Willpower by ten.

Mind’s Eye: Although their Mind’s Eye is a great gift in that it grants them the ability to use their Mind Magic, user’s of this particular type of magic have the distinctive orange swirling iris plainly visible when utilizing such abilities and - unless their eyes are covered or hidden otherwise, is a dead giveaway that they are attempting to fool a target and may thwart their attempts if the user is not careful.

Dark Whispers: Due to a connection of the Alcina family to the Darkness within the lands of Aseutora, users of Mind magic are haunted by the whispers of the entity and thus lose a quarter of their maximum willpower while using their Mind abilities.

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