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Post by Dagda on Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:51 pm

Dagda (WIP) 9732351
The Basics:
Character Name: Dagda
Character Alias: The Dagda, The Forest Wraith, A Green Hamster
Character Race: Elf - Demon Hybrid (I was told to assume this was okay until further notice, so i'll just put this here and change it if necessary)
Character Age: Appearent Age: Early Twenties / Actual Age: 260
Character Gender: Male
Character Family: Elven father, Demon mother, both diseased. Plenty of cousins and the like on his mother's side which all reside in the netherworld to this day. Any still living relative of his on his father's side are distant at best.
Character Magic: Wild - Innate

The Finer Details:
Personality: (At least two-hundred words, describe how your character sees/interacts with the world, their views, give us a painting of who they are)
Appearance: (Two-hundred words or an image of 500x500 or greater size in spoilers - though it is recommended to add both an image and description to your application)
Likes: (Three or more bullet points, or alternatively a two-hundred-word description)
Dislikes: (Three or more bullet points, or alternatively a two-hundred-word description)

Out Of Character Additions:
Face-Claim: (Where is the appearance of your character from? Please format as: "Character Name - Series Name.")
Alternate Character: (Answer: "Yes" or "No" and which account is your main account if applicable)


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