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Post by Ando Aga Obaun on Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:12 pm

Allow me to explain...
Our History...
Our People...
Your World...

The continent of Aseutora is one that has been, since its colonization, plagued by war and conflict both violent and political. The continent was founded on what is referred to now as Year One and marks the beginning of many of the world’s calendars and date systems: The places within the world that were inhabited before humans arrived usually housed Dragons and other mythical beasts of the type and would later be the founders of new races when they eventually interbred with the new human population.

The first lands to be colonized by humans would be the Western Peninsula that later became the continent of Aurus and next came the Mainland (Divided into The Great Desert in the center, The Frost to the North, and The Iron Valley to the East) the southern area of the continent past the Great Desert and below the Iron Valley, however, would remain uninhabited due to the presence of fearsome monsters made of what is referred to as ‘The Darkness’ and rumored to be the last remaining bastion of Elder Beasts (the initial inhabitants of the continent)

Beyond Aseutora itself lie several smaller continents that are currently unexplored save for one known as ‘Pax’ or ‘Peace’ where the offspring of Elder Beasts that had originally inhabited the continent of Aseutora have been allowed to live alongside humans in a mutual agreement as to not cause the remaining bloodline of Elders to die out completely if the Elder Beasts were revealed to truly be all gone from the mainland...

Welcome to Aseutora, the place where you shall forge your Destiny, follow your own path, wherever it may lead you...

"All the world by force of arms."
Ando Aga Obaun
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