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Post by Nightmare on Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:10 am

Here on Enchanted Tales, your character will grow over time in both age and ability, this growth is represented by Levels with certain amounts of levels allowing the character to move up in "Tier" in order to display their prowess at a glance as well as allow them access to higher difficulty missions.

These Tiers are as follows:
Levels 1-24 – D-Tier
Levels 25-49 – C-Tier
Levels 50-74 – B-Tier
Levels 75-99 A-Tier
Level 100 S-Tier


Stats are your primary display of power and represent how strong a character is in a certain area. There are Six Stat Fields which are as follows:

Mana: The amount of raw magical power within your body, this stat affects all Magic-based abilities and allows spells to be cast at a greater proficiency. Having a high Mana can allow a character to utilize spells for a much longer period of time than would normally be possible and furthermore can increase the power of spells that utilize the body's raw mana.

Perception: Your ability to sense discrepancies, as well as your ability to keep up with high speeds. High Perception can allow a user to see through illusions, or see the movements of those with superhuman speeds.

Physique: Your raw physical power, as well as an indicator of your overall health. A high Physique stat can allow a character the ability to punch through walls, or even metals depending upon the rank and furthermore is a factor in determining a character's resistance to poisons or other ailments that directly affect the physical body.

Finesse: Your physical speed and ability to maneuver swiftly. Those with high Finesse are capable of moving at incredible speeds and of moving themselves nimbly through obstacles without breaking a sweat.

Life: Simply put, this is the amount of life-force within your body and thus represents the amount of damage you can take before dying. Those with high Life are able to withstand much more punishment than those without.

Willpower: The strength of your mind, Willpower affects how easily the character is influenced by Mental magic as well as by any Entities that may prey upon those with weak wills. Having a high Willpower can allow a character to reduce or completely mitigate Mental Magic as well as allow them to resist against cursed objects that attempt to exert their will upon the user.

Stats begin at one point each.

At level 1, characters can spread 25 stat points however they wish.

Characters gain 2 stats every level.

Upon reaching the first level of a new tier, they are granted 21 instead of the usual 2.

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