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Post by Nightmare on Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:18 am

While we here at Enchanted Tales encourage freedom of character character and expression of the player, there are rules that we expect everyone here to follow or risk being banned from the site:

1. God-Modding is absolutely not allowed: God-Modding is taking control of anything either timeline, mental, or physical that a player character would not have the ability to under their current circumstances such as:

- Another Player, either physically such as stating that they are performing an action they had not otherwise stated or inferred: Or mentally such as dictating what another character thinks in such a way that is said as fact, rather than another character’s opinion.

- NPCs, such as Faction Leaders, Task NPCs, or other characters that are not controlled by the player themselves following the same guidelines as ordinary player characters.
Or granting themselves powers, items, or anything else through illicit means.

2. Harassment of any kind is not allowed, both on-site and on our Discord server, you will be warned if you are found to be doing so and this will be followed by a ban if you are found to be offending again after having been warned.

- Our definition of harassment includes sexual harassment, racism, intense crude language or any other actions that may be deemed harmful towards a user or toxic towards our community in general.

3. If you are approached by a member of staff and asked to fix an application or are being warned for violating one of our rules, you must fulfill their request or be given a strike against your account if you are found to have been arguing with or harassing a member of staff.

- If you believe, however, that a member of staff is treating you unfairly, you may consult the Administration Team about the matter and it will be looked over thoroughly and if you have an issue with a member of the Administration Team you may directly contact the Founder through Private Message either on-site or on Discord.

4. You are allowed four characters active at once, however, if you are inactive on one character for a period longer than a week without notice being given they will be considered inactive and you will be prevented from making additional characters. Inactive characters will not be considered scrapped or killed until after a month has passed without notice, however, and you are free to return to them before this period of time is up in order to become active again.

- You may have only one character per account, additional characters will require additional accounts and when making the additional characters you must list them as being an alternate account, and if you are found making more characters than this without explicit permission for special reasons such as NPCs for events or otherwise, a strike will be added to your account.

5. Grammar and Spelling must be at an intermediate or advanced level to use this site, if you are unable to meet our word-count requirements or are not capable of making coherent sentences you will be asked by a member of staff to take the required steps to improve your writing. If you cannot follow these steps or are incapable of reaching our required grammar and spelling levels you will be asked to leave until you reach the required ability to role-play here.

6. Any additional rulings or interpretations of the current rules are up to the decision of the Administration Team and Moderators, and this list may be updated at any time without prior notice if required.

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